15 New Pure Solids Shades Have Arrived

At last - the 15 new Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solid shades have arrived and are live on www.cowandgiraffe.co.uk

We now have all 150 solids available - oooo the possibilities! 

Shade cards will be available in due course, however, do let us know if you'd like a swatch of the new shades to check a colour: claire@cowandgiraffe.co.uk


Please Bear With Us...

School is out for summer...let the plate spinning commence!

We would like to let you know that there might be a very slight delay to our order fulfillment during the 6 weeks holidays whilst we juggle a small business and 5 little people between us!

We will endeavour to meet our usual sameday turnarounds but sometimes there could be a delay...we hope you can forgive us if this does happen. Fortunately we are not taking a holiday at the same time this year so at least we won't be closing at all during the summer - yey!

Happy Sewing!

Michelle and Claire xx

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