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Tree of Life - Forest of Love

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Designed by Bee Brown for Dashwood Studios.

Take a walk down into the Forest of Love, where trees have the letters of love hanging, each tree is entwined with bronzed branches of delicate leaves, that are sprouting seed heads, love heart flowers, in pinks and reds, which meet with stars, hearts, butterflies and moths, it seems like a crazy mix of objects but is a wonderfully calm and serene print.

The base is a light peach/pink, with dark blue tree trunks and branches, bronze twigs and leaves.

100% Cotton

112cm Wide

*Colours may vary on additional images*

NB: Our fabric is priced per ‘fat quarter’ A fat quarter is one quarter of a square metre of fabric, cut to about 55cm x 50cm (for a 110cm wide fabric). If you order multiples of fat quarters they are always cut as one continuous piece, so if you want one metre, simply order 4.

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